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Research: Travelling And New Experiences A Good Source Of Happiness

According to a study research which is conducted at Cornell University in New York purchasing what you want and travelling gives you a huge amount of happiness. Though travelling by experience supply you the happiness hormones for a long time.

Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at the private research university revealed it. Buying stuffs makes you happy but it expires, unlike travelling new experiences will make you experience happiness in the long run.

Adaptation is one of the enemies of happiness according to Dr. Gilovich. Experience is a bigger part of yourself than any of the material good and these travel experiences are part of who you are.

By travelling, it brings you to new place, new culture, new environment and everything around you feel more inspired and elevating. By enjoying the new place, your body and mind lose track of time as you are extreme enough absorbing new information.

Adopting to a new place will create happy and lasting memories which is hard to forget and replace. That is why travelling by experience bring you more happiness which is even more happier if you are with your family or loved ones.


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