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Taipei Selected As Best Leisure Destination In Asia

Taipei is selected as the best leisure destination in whole of Asia by Global Traveler for the second straight year as the award given to the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan in Los Angeles. Global Traveler is a popular American magazine that review different places.

American Magazine top 10 Rankings (Global Traveler):

1. Taipei (Taiwan)
2. Seoul (South Korea)
3. Singapore (Singapore)
4. Tokyo (Japan)
5. Phuket (Thailand)
6. Hong Kong (China)
7. Bangkok (Thailand)
8. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
9. Osaka (Japan)
10. Bali (Indonesia)

The Global Traveler rank and pick the best leisure destination in each continent where Taipei, Taiwan in Asia, Nashville, Tennessee for North America, Bogota in Colombia for Latin America, Prague of Czech Republic in Europe and Botswana for Africa.

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