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Taiwan Ranks 3rd In Hospitality By A Global Survey

In a global survey by the travel website, Taiwan ranks as 3rd in terms of hospitality. The website is famous in features like hotel bookings, site attractions of different places in different countries, this shows that Taiwanese are being hospitable.

The website released the survey result that shows 77% of Taiwanese respondents agree that Taiwan is more friendly and more than any other countries which Taiwanese are known to be hospitable.

Thailand tops the chart with 85% followed by Indonesia with 83%, Taiwan come third and next to it is Mexico with 77% and India with 75% to complete the top 5. There 29 countries respond to the survey as respondents rate the hospitality level of their own country.

Boasting with good and awesome nature, delicious street foods and nightlife, Taiwan becomes one of the best destination and welcome the hospitality of the locals. Respondents from other countries include Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, France and others.

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