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Too Much Working Overtime Can Cause Heart Failure And Diseases

In a study published by European Heart Journal, it is discovered that a person that works with too much overtime have more chances to have heart failure. Working for more than 8 hours per day is an unhealthy thing to live by.

The study has 85,000 respondents which were studied their behavior and working habits and around 1,000 respondents are diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. These 1,000 respondents has one thing in common, all of them work more than 8 hours a day.

Atrial fibrillation is a heart condition where a person has an irregular heart beat and mostly heart pumps faster. With this kind of heart condition, the people affected by it can have different heart diseases or even heart failure.

Arbitral fibrillation happens due to the natural electrical impulses that controls the heart’s normal and regular rhythm lose its coordination. If that happens, palpitation, dizziness and feeling breathless will occur due to the racing of irregular pulse.

In some cases, arbitral fibrillation has no symptoms at all but have the chance of having a stroke and must be treated right away. The study revealed that people who work for only 35-40 hours per week has no recorded case for arbitral fibrillation.

Those people who are working with the longest hours were more overweight, had higher blood pressure, smoked more and and consumed more alcohol.

Working is not bad at all but working too much of the basic working hours per day of 8 hours can cause a lot of health problems in our body. Well, some says that you only work overtime to have budget for medicine and vitamins for you to work in overtime.


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