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Top 10 Semiconductor Companies In The World For Q1 of 2019

Intel Corporation of US still tops the largest integrated circuit supplier in the world in the first quarter of 2019, according to the data released by market advisory firm IC Insights. The US based Intel, South Korean giant Samsung and reliable Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp completed the top 3.

Here are the top 10 well performing semiconductor companies in the world with their place of origin and their worth of sales:

1. Intel Corporation / Unites States (US$15.8 Billion)

2. Samsung Electronics Co. / South Korea (US$11.99 Billion)

3. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp / Taiwan (US$7.09 Billion)

4. SK Hynic Corp / South Korea (US$5.9 Billion)

5. Micron Technology Inc / United States (US$5.48 Billion)

6. Broadcom Inc / United States (US$3.94 Billion)

7. Qualcomm Inc / United States (US$3.72 Billion)

8. Texas Instruments / United States (US$3.2 Billion)

9. Toshiba Memory / Japan (US$2.36 Billion)

10. Infeneon Technologies / Germany (US$1.35 Billion)

Hisilicon Semiconductor, a subsidiary company of China based Huawei Technologies posted the highest sales and growth with 41% as it leap its position from 25th place to 14th place. Though according to IC Insights the revenue posted still fell by 16% combined from a year earlier.

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