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1,215 Illegal Hotels Found During Investigations Of Taiwan Local Authorities

In an investigation made by the local authorities of Tourism Bureau of Taiwan during the first half of 2019, they found a total of 1,215 illegal hotels operating which most are found in the most popular travel destination of the country.

With hotels and bread & breakfast (B&B) operates illegally and all violators will be fined. In the investigation, there are 3,390 legal hotels and 582 illegal hotels while B&B recorded 8,895 legal and 833 illegal ones.

The open visa travel of Taiwan made a its tourism economy go up and these violators take this opportunity to operate, the statistics were based on the research which is made by the local government of Taiwan.

The three regions with the highest number of illegal hotel, B&B and establishments were found in Yilan County with a total of 292 illegal establishments, Pingtung County with 252 and Nantou County with 213. With New Taipei City has the hefty fine of all violators summing up with NT11.67million.

Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau encourages all travelers, on both local and tourists to stay at legal establishments to highlight legal work and training made.

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