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5 Popular Fried Chicken Store Among Filipino OFW and Tourists In Taiwan

One of the favorite meals of Filipinos in Taiwan is fried chicken, pair it up with the best drinks in the country. Based on survey and on the number of Filipinos working, living and travelling in Taiwan, here are the top 5 popular friend chicken store and restaurants among Filipinos:

5. Two Peck

Popularly known for its crispy fried chicken among OFW's working in Taiwan. Two Peck Chicken Cutlet is normally freshly made with a weight of 330g, thickness of 1 cm and length of 15cm.

4. Hot Star Fried Chicken

Popular among Filipino tourists which can be found in Night Markets in Taiwan, Hot Star Fried Chicken is a large deep fried chicken served hot and freshly cooked. Hot Star Fried Chicken has also a branch in the Philippines.

3. 21st Century

With its tasty fried chicken and roasted fried chicken, 21st Century also is one of the favorites. You can order a 1 whole roasted chicken with veggies and fries, best shared with family and friends. Its deep fried chicken has the semi-spicy flavor which makes it so good to eat.

2. KFC

No introduction needed for Kentucky Fried Chicken, though the difference is fried chicken in KFC in Taiwan and Philippines is the flavor (no gravy). Making KFC more popular to Filipinos is their roasted chicken and the delicious egg tarts.

1. Napoli

Napoli is known as "the pizza parlor that sells fried chicken", this is the top favorite due its crisp and tasty meat which is an "Italian-style fried chicken". Pair it up with different pizza from the store and mostly, Napoli’s chicken is far more affordable and is better in group sharing.

The best way to work and travel to Taiwan is to fill the stomach with Taiwanese flavored foods. Dine In different restaurants or have your ways into the night markets but having fried chicken is still the most popular on every Filipinos.


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