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Award Winning National Taitung Library With Scenery In Between Sea And Mountain

The 2019 World Prix d’Excellence Award for Public Infrastructure Amenities was given to National Taitung University Library and Information Center as an addition to its award winning architecture and design.

Other awards for its architecture include 2014 Shopping Design Award (Taiwan Design BEST 100), Best Architectural Design and Spatial Planning 2014 and 2015 The 10 Libraries You Must Visit in Taiwan.

The winning library can be found at National Taitung University located in Taiwan East Coast sandwiched between the mountains and the sea as the whole campus is connecting the imagination of the two physical elements.

The library is adjacent to an ecological pond which is located at the green axis endpoint toward the Pacific Ocean. Its mountain shape has been known as the visual landmark of the campus and blends into the mountain background of campus. The library has 5 floors above the ground and the rooftop view deck.

On the rooftop of the library building, there is the view of superb Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Railway South Link Line. It is not only a campus landmark, but also the interest in Taitung.

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