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Bill Filed In Philippine Senate That Seeks Birth Certificates For Lifetime Validity

Senator Ralph Recto has filed a bill in the Senate that seeks birth certificates to be valid continually. The bill will give a “Lifetime Validity” to birth certificates to end the demand of various establishments and agency in requiring to have a new birth certificate.

The practice of always needing a brand new birth certificates to documentary requirements as “unnecessary, expensive, and oppressive” according to Recto. The bill seeks to stop government and private offices (including foreign embassies) in requiring a new birth certificate.

The bill states that birth certificate certified and issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) shall not expire and shall be considered valid at any time.

Though the PSA has never been negligent in explaining that birth certificates it has issued have no expiry dates, but this assurance remains ignored in many offices which continue to require that the submitted birth certificate was issued within the past 6 months.

“hindi naman ‘yan ulam o sardinas na napapanis. Kaya nakakalungkot na marami pa ring mga opisina na ang gusto ay bagong kuhang birth certificate, na isang pahirap sa isang aplikante.” Recto said.

(“The birth certificate is not food or sardines that go bad. Which is why it is so sad that so many offices require recently-issued birth certificates, which is another burden on applicants.”)

Getting a new birth certificate for a specific agency requires time and money and if this bill gets approval, it will be a breath of comfort ability to every Filipino people specially those job seekers.


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