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Birth Rate In Taiwan Declined As Women Choosing Careers Over Having Children

The number of babies that are born in Taiwan declines and has its lowest birth rate in the last eight years. In the last six months birth rate down to 85,961 which is 4,000 down than last year.

According to Taiwan Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology the number of births will fall below 180,000 this year.

The association added that most women in Taiwan are choosing their careers instead having children which is the main reason behind the decline of birth rate in Taiwan.

Women in Taiwan became more worried that pregnancy and maternity leave will have a negative impact in their successful careers and sometimes receive a not so good treatment when return to work.

Though many women want to have children but choose to delay parenthood and only one out five women in Taiwan are having their first child at the age of 35 and over.

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