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Drunk pervert Taiwanese forcefully touching a girl's private part in a bus

A man surnamed Lin in New Taipei City was drunk and took a bus back home and seeing a 19-year-old female student who is young and beautiful and sat beside her.

The pervert man reached and forcefully touched the girl's private parts for almost an hour. The man threatened the girl as the girl did not dare to resists even she tried to escape.

Once he escaped and immediately get off the bus as she cried beside the road. Photo above is the actual picture taken by the girl of the pervert man who first trying to reach the girl's lower private part while touching her thighs.

Bypassers help the female student as she file a case against the drunken pervert man. 

Lin explained to the high court that he is drunk and doest know what he is doing and also said that he has a son that is waiting for him. With the ruling of the high court, Lin was sentenced into prison as reported by SET News.

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