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Escape the city, relax and camp out at the Atayal Resort in Central Taiwan

Atayal Resort located in Nantou County and lies between the Guandao Mountains and Beigang River. From the name of the place, it is a resort that was planned and established by people who loved the Atayal Aboriginal Tribe of Taiwan.

It has an area of 47 hectares as an international spring resort with amusement, abundant nature ecology, and spring facilities. Lots of Atayal indigenous living in Nantou County in the past as Nantou is full of characteristics of Atayal.

Atayal Resort places great emphasis preserving aboriginal culture. There are aboriginal museum, sculptures and dance shows in the resort. Aboriginal houses, such as Wandashe, Balashe and Atayal, are recreated in the resort.

Accommodation can choose a cabana or palace-like hotel or you may opt for a camping site as the resort is open for a two days amd one night stay.

Adult ticket at NT$450 and sometimes there is a promotional price NT$300. The ticket includes: Hot Spring and Spa, Aboriginal Folk Dance Show, Skywalk, Museum, Seediq Storyland. Hotel accommodation, dining  and Karaoke expenses are not included in the ticket.

The Atayal Resort Amusement park opens from 09:30am to 05:00pm while the Atayal Hot Spring opens at 03:00pm up to 11:00pm. Atayal resort is located at No. 56-2, Beiyuan Road, Guoxing Township, Nantou County.


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