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Family of 5 fell into coma after carbon monoxide poisoning from barbecue grilling

Recently, it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, many people have use to have barbecue at home and outdoors, but they must be safe and secure.  

In Lanzhou, China, a family set to cook home to barbecue indoors due to cold weather outside. The doors and windows in the home were closed. 

As a result, a family of five fell into a coma due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Fortunately, the father suddenly awakened from the coma and quickly called for help.

They forgot to leave a vent to allow the carbon monoxide produced by the barbecue to be discharged. 

The ambulance staff said that when they arrived at the scene, they found that the father js the only one awake. His wife and three children fell into a coma, the recuers quickly opened the door and rescued them from the home and sent them to the ambulance. 

After that, they were treated with a high-pressure oxygen cylinder and quickly sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. Fortunately, the family encountered no problems after treatment.

Carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas, had leaked from the extinguished barbecue, proper ventilation must be installed when dking it inside the home. Use basic carbon-based fuels such as coal, wood and dung to cook and heat their homes.


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