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Grandma Sells Fishballs To Pay Bills For His Comatose Grandson In Kaohsiung

A 76-year-old grandma in Kaohsiung sells fish balls to try to help cover her grandson's medical bills. She hopes that thru selling fish ball she can pay the bills and wish that her grandson to recover.

Her 18 year old grandson encountered a scooter accident and has fallen into coma for two months. The grandma carrying the burden as her son (father of her grandson) already died with cancer.

She sells fish balls every day to buy the medicine and run to the hospital for her beloved grandson. She insists on not collecting donations as she rather earn it than beg to others.

Her neighbors helps the grandma to make in-house fish balls and sell them. She cannot do it alone and grandma is very grateful that she is getting lots of help.

Anyone willing to buy or should we say help, you may visit grandma at No. 26, Lane 88, Section 1, Jiading Road, Jiading District, Kaohsiung City (Chinese address: 高雄市茄萣路一段88巷26號) and buy some of her fish balls. 

Her fish balls are made from mushrooms and squids.  Grandma's contact number at 0981067775 and she is at home from 08:00-18:00. The fish ball are priced from NT120 to NT150 per plastic.

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