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Love problems harms mental health; may lead to depression or suicide

Love problems are the leading cause of mental health problems and suicide. It is stated by mental health expert Dr. Bernard Argamosa a psychiatrist at the Dept of Health-National Center for Mental Health (DOH-NCMH), reported by Philippine News Agency.

According to the doctor, many of their patients have psychotic breakdowns because to breakups, love woes. Breakups have psychological meanings and it may lead to depression.

Broken-hearted people usually “exhaust all their coping mechanisms when exposed to a stressful situation like breakups'' Argamosa said.

Love is a universal emotion that is important to everyone, hence, lack of it could also lead to behavioral and mental health issues, stressed by Cel Gonzales, quality control director of One Algon Place. Others are unable to cope with breakups that someone may lead to suicide.

“Love is important to a couple, and even to a child who loves his parents and needs love from them,” Gonzales added.

Doctors advised parents of broken-hearted teenagers to monitor their children’s actions.


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