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Meet Tie-hsiung, the labrador hero dog from the deadly Hualien Earthquake

Tie-hsiung (鐵雄) or Iron Hero, is a five-year-old golden Labrador which was named as a Taichung City Ambassador in recognition of his heroic work.

During the deadly Hualien earthquake, the Taichung Fire Department dispatched 26 rescue workers and two rescue dogs — Tie-hsiung and Tui-tui.

Using his excellent sense of smell, Tie-hsiung found two people, including survivor Liang Shu-wei, a Marshal Hotel employee who had been trapped for 15 hours. The other person whom the rescue dog helped find in the rubble did not survive.

With a score 280 out of 300 in a simulated search and rescue operation that required him to find people buried under rubble.

They are heading to France with his trainer to compete in the annual World Championship for Rescue Dogs.


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