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Paradise of cats in Taiwan called Cat Village located in the small town of Houtong

The town of Houtong in northern Taiwan is popularly known as "cat village," where visitors flock in the area to find the cute and adorable cats. Houtong’s cats are good-natured, they are usually being chased, petted and photographed by visitors. 

The cat population in Houtong is around 200 and is roughly double that of the human population in the village.

Houtong village is a former mining town that attracts nearly a million visitors a year, including many from abroad, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Taiwan.

Outside the station you will find cats, on and beneath benches, on the roads, in the branches of trees everywhere, there are cats. It is the haven of cat lovers and even pet lovers.

The population in the village declined following the mine's closure in 1990. As the number of humans decreased, the population of stray cats grew, fed by the remaining residents.

Black, white, tortoise shell, calico and grey, fat and fatter, friendly and shy, almost every kind of cat can be found in Houtong. They can be found around flower pots, shelves, padding up steps, jumping off roofs and spread out, sleeping everywhere in the town.

Houtong Cat Village is located at Fengjia Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City. From Taipei Main Station ride TRA up to Ruifang Station and transfer to Pingxi line, drop off at Houtong Station.

Beware: Discarding the cats are subject to a fine of NT$150,000 residents asks visitors not to hurt ot take home any cats.


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