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Taiwanese fitness guru suffers stroke; medical all normal, what is the problem?

JZ Woo a Taiwanese award-winning bodybuilder also known as 'Muscle Daddy' among his fans with a healthy lifestyle suffered stroke at age of 37. 

His fellow fitness guru Melody noticed something is wrong with JZ while he takes a nap and immediately rushed him to the hospital. JZ was diagnosed with stroke.

It is caused by a cerebral embolism, a blood vessel in his brain that was blocked by a clot. The stroke affected a part of the brain that controls the movements on the right side of the body.

With a much healthy lifestyle, how did a bodybuilder, a fitness guru suffered from stroke?

According to Melody, wife of JZ, his cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and visceral fat levels were all normal, but excessive blood clotting came from his family history where his relatives died from stroke even they are still young.

Their family now are adjusting their sleeping habit as the health scare helped them to appreciate each other more. Muscle Daddy is on a swift road to recovery.

(Photos: From IG of JZ Woo / melody.wan)


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