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Taiwanese man marries brain-dead GF right before removing life support

Taiwanese man surnamed Lin marries his brain-dead girlfriend surnamed Wang on the day the family of the girl decided to remove its life support.

The family have decided to donate her 12 organs. Her boyfriend was in front of the bed as she put on the wedding ring and the scene inside the hospital room was both sad and moving.

Wang was riding a motorcycle in Taipei's Beitou district when she was struck by a car that had been making an illegal turn making her brain-dead while in the hospital.

The family of the girl once hoped that there would be a miracle but decides to donate the organs of their daughter, 12 organs that includes heart, liver, cornea, skin and blood vessels. This is also the highest possible record donated by a person in Taiwan.

Wang is a single mother of two sons aged 12 and 13, the school will provide scholarships to help the two complete their studies.

The family said that the donated organs will help lots of people to live their normal lives and see those people living with the organs of their daughter.

Even a single mother, Lin choose to love her deeply. They wear their favorite sports shirt during their marriage while saying "We finally  I can get married''.


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