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Terrified Tourist Shows How Some Bus Drivers Do It In The Roads Of Jiufen

Public bus are one of the modes of transportation in Taiwan. A Japanese tourist in Taiwan have captured a video while they are inside the bus as the bus begins its route going down from Jiufen, a popular tourist sport North of Taipei.

Tourists flock in Jiufen to know more of its historical value and it is also the place to buy lots of souvenirs. The place also have abundant of food stalls where you can eat, mostly tea shops.

Jiufen is a village in the mountain (like Maokong village) and the road are very narrow. The bus driver without hesitation and with his full set of driving skills, it was like riding a roller coaster in the zigzag roads of Jiufen.

Check the video recorded by the tourist via twitter:

This conclude that many Japanese visitors or tourist claim that some Taiwanese bus drivers are very dangerous when they drive.

According to Taiwanese netizens,  the bus drivers’ schedule are very tight and they tends to do it fast with accuracy although not all has that ability and and skill. Still, passenger's safety must be the priority.


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