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Young mother sells twin babies for US$12,600; pay debts and buys new phone

While some mothers dream about having twin babies, this mother in China surnamed Ma sold her twin baby boy for US12,600. The money then was used to pay debts and bought some new phone.

The local police recently revealed or accidentally knew about the sale of twin babies when investigating a different but related case.

Ma, in 20's of age and lived from Zhejiang province in China, claimed that she did it because she was heavily in debt. Her parents refused to help her because they were angry about the pregnancy happened with no marriage.

The father of the twins, surnamed Wu who are also living in the same village, reportedly refused to be responsible for the babies. The father didnt even show up when the babies are born as Ma has no choice to sell them for money.

The sale happened last year of September until police arrested the pair this year and all the money are alrewdy spent. Twin babies are now reunited and under custody of Ma's parents.



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