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10°C less temperature forecast as cold warnings issued to 5 counties in Taiwan

Cold temperature warnings was issued to five cities and counties in northern Taiwan as cold air mas continue to hit the country until tomorrow (Feb 10).

Yellow cold warning had been isaued to New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County and Kinmen County as temperature can go down to 10 degrees or less.

A yellow warning is issued when the temperature is forecast to drop below 10 degrees. While an orange warning is given when the mercury is expected to fall below 6 degrees and a red alert warns of temperatures of under 6 degrees for 24 hours or more.

Northern part will be cloudy and cold during the day where south of Hsinchu and slightly cool and sunny. There are chances of sporadic rain at north coasts and in the eastern Taiwan.

In addition, the ground temperature will drop to 10 to 12 degrees. The cold air mass will start to weaken by daytime of Feb 10 (Monday).


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