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2 cold air waves to hit Taiwan comes March, mercury can drop by 7 degrees

Temperature will decrease by 7 degrees by the current temperature in Taiwan comes March, 2 waves of cold air will hit the country according to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The first cold wave will start in the afternoon of March 1 and the second cold wave will be on March 4. The cold wave will be intensified by the northeast monsoon.

The drop in tempreature may see 20 degrees Celcius in the first wave and up to 13 degrees in the scond wave.

There will also be some brief rain showers in northern-central part of Taiwan, the eastern half and the southern mountainous area.

The temperature of 3,000 meters and higher mountains will not be ruled out, it may snow.  At present, it is predicted that Yushan will have a high chance of snowing on the 4th and 5th, but Hehuanshan still depends.


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