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538 Filipinos seafarers onboard of the tightly quarantined Japanese cruise ship

Luxury cruise ship Diamond Princess quarantined near Yokohama, Japan, after its passengers were exposed to the novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV has a total of 538 Filipinos onboard according to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

The Japanese government quarantined the Diamond Princess cruise ship right after an 80-year-old passenger tested positive worh the coronavirus who departed from Hong Kong.

The ship is carrying about 3,700 passengers. DFA says it is in 'constant communication' with Filipinos onboard and is coordinating with Japanese authorities to provide assistance.

According to the Japanese Health Ministry said 10 individuals were later found to be infected with the virus which includes 3 Japanese, 3 Chinese, 2 Australians, an American, and a Filipino (the first Filipino to be reported positive with the virus).

With continues testing of different nationlities of passengers and crews onboard, Japan confirmed 64 people are now infected and tested positive. All patients were transferred to a health care facility for treatment.

The Philippine embassy in Tokyo is closely and actively monitoring the welfare of Filipinos onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.


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