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Customer spends NT$23 for a can of coffee wins NT$10million in Taiwan receipt lottery

A consumer who spent only NT$23 to buy a can of coffee in a convenience store was among 13 winners of the top jackpot prize of NT$10 million in the November-December 2019 uniform invoice lottery, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

Coffee lover indeed is now a millionaire, three of the 18 winners of the grand prize made their purchases at 7-Eleven, while one was a FamilyMart customer and one shopped at PX Mart, based on information published by stores.

A consumer won the top prize paid only NT$ by buying a newspaper, another is NT$20 for parking in Taoyuan and one spent NT$35 on a snack at a convenience store won NT$10 million, according to MOF.

The MOF said a customer of Apple Inc.'s App store who paid NT$150 for iTune services also won NT$2 million.

The winnings can be claimed from Feb. 6 to May 5, the MOF added.

Check winning combinations here.


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