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Migrant worker stabbed and died in New Taipei after trying to stop woman's fight

A Vietnamese migrant worker was killed by a sharp object Sunday in New Taipei after he tried to breaking up a fight, police said Monday.

The victim, surnamed Nguyen, died on the way to the hospital because he lost large amounts of blood after being stabbed in the chest and abdomen, the city's Shulin Precinct said.

The victim was found laying in a pool of blood when police arrived at the scene of the fight on Xizhen Street in Shulin after they received a report of the incident at around 11 p.m., the precinct said.

The police found two Vietnamese women at the scene, surnamed Du and Nguyen, and they were both brought in for questioning.

According to police, the victim and Du -- who were just friends -- were eating dinner together on the night of the incident when the female surnamed Nguyen, a former workmate of Du, called to ask Du to settle a previous grievance.

The woman then arrived with two other women and five men outside the premises, and when attempts to resolve the issue peacefully broke down, the group started to attack Du, police said.

The victim tried to stop the fight but was attacked by one of the men with a sharp weapon and died on the way to hospital, a preliminary investigation found.

Apart from the victim, the woman surnamed Nguyen and Du, everyone else fled the scene, police said, and they are now looking for those at the scene, especially the person who stabbed the victim.

Police did not provide any information on what the fight may have been about.

(By William Yen)

Siurce: CNA

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