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Missing quarantined New Taipei resident found in a hotel in Taoyuan

One of the two missing New Taipei residents that were supposed to have a 14-day home quarantine after entering the country from China was found in a hotel in Taoyuan.

Identified as Kuo Fu-wen returned from China's Fujian province via ferry to Kinmen island of Taiwan then he was taken by New Taipei health officials who will apply for permission from the Centers for Disease Control for a 14-day home quarantine even though he was found to be in good health.

Kuo supplied a false address and phone number to avoid the home quarantine when he arrived in offshore of Taiwan according to New Taipei mayor.

Kuo was nabbed by police in a hotel in Taoyuan and will face fine ranging NT$10,000 - NT$150,000 for breaching the safety act against COVID-19.


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