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Run and have fun through the fireworks in Tainan's Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival

World famous Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival will take place Friday to Saturday (Feb. 7–8) as scheduled announced by Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-cher, Taiwan News reported.

This year’s beehive fireworks in Yanshuei District in Tainan will follow tradition and begin in the morning of the 14th day of the first lunar month. The biggest crowds are expected on the night of the Lantern Festival on Feb. 8 according to Tainan’s Cultural Affairs Bureau

On February 7, 19:00 at Emperor Guan Temple, the holy sedan chair will depart from the temple and parade through Yanshui. Followers along the way will set off firework racks in front of their doorways.

On February 8, 21:00 at Yanshui Junior High, the main firework rack will be set up on the sports field of Yanshui Junior High. A large quantity of beehive fireworks will be lit simultaneously for participants to experience the excitement of “running through the beehive fireworks”.

If you plan to enter the firecracker zone in the sports field of Yanshui Junior High, you must wear full protective gear. After you reach downtown Yanshui, you will find vendors selling thick jackets, helmets, and gloves.


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