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Taiwan doctors note that smokers and senior citizens have weak barriers against coronavirus

The medical community held a seminar regarding the Wuhan coronavirus and doctors said that the threshold for entry of the virus is higher for the elderly, smokers and patients with chronic diseases.

Doctors believe that the incidence of infection is the same, but the symptoms for smokers is more serious according to the medical report.

A pediatrician in Taipei pointed out that the latest report shows that the proportion of male and female infections almost the same.

The general symptoms are muscle soreness and cough, followed by fever. From the existing reports, elderly,  Smokers and people with chronic diseases have lower barriers that make them easily to be infected.

A Taipei physician believes that the symptoms for smoker is more serious in any gender. Since coronavirus targets respiratory system of the body.

Taiwan will expand screening for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by taking samples from all travelers arriving in the country who have a fever or respiratory symptoms.

Currently, Taiwan has listed 22 confirmed cases with one death. There are now two fully recovered patients.


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