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Taiwan experts: Use 37.5°C as a threshold for fever when screening body temperature

National Taiwan University's College of Public Health said that screening for COVID-19 coronavirus should use a standard of 37.5 degrees Celsius, rather than 38 degrees to define a fever.

The recommendation comes as Taiwan's students prepare to return to classes on Feb. 25 which students must be screened prior going to campuses.

Su Ta-che, a professor at the college's Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences notes that coronavirus patients exhibit temperatures of between 37.3 and 38 degrees.

Studies show the average human body temperature is decreasing, meaning that traditional standards -- which view 37 degrees as a normal body temperature and 38 degrees as the threshold for a fever, said Su.

If the results are above 37.5 degrees, they should test again after five mins. If the results are still high, they should be tested a third time using an ear thermometer and if still exceeding the threshold it will define as fever.


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