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Kaohsiung tracked down 132 people who had contact to suspected Indonesian COVID-19 case

Department of Health in Taiwan's Kaohsiung already tracked down 132 people who have had close contact with an Indonesian who visited the infected coronavirus patient.

The Indonesian is a factory worker in Gangshan District, Kaohsiung who fell ill after she visited her friend, the migrant caregiver who was currently isolated and 32nd confirmed case of coronavirus in Taiwan.

The Indonesin migrant factory worker visited a local clinic on Feb. 25 after having a sore throat, a symptom of coronavirus, she was taken to a hospital and quarantined on Feb. 26.

The worker made contact with nearly 100 people, including friends, colleagues at the factory where she works and medical workers at the clinic she visited, according to the health department of Kaohsiung.

Those known to have come in contact with the Indonesian worker have been asked to follow self-health management guidelines for 14 days, CNA reported.


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