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Taiwan's China Airlines, Tigerair and EVA Air cancels and adjusts flights to the Philippines

Taiwanese and Philippine airline carriers operating between the two countries announced cancellation and adjustments of flight after Philippines expands travel ban on Taiwan due to one-China policy amid virus outbreak.

China Airlines (CAL) said all of its flights to the Philippines would operate as usual but some Taiwanese are barred from entering Philippines and Filipinos blocked from leaving the country.

Tigerair Taiwan, a subsidiary of Taiwan's China Airlines (CAL), said it will cancel all flights to Boracay, Palawan and Cebu between Feb. 15 and March 31.

EVA Air, has canceled a afternoon flight BR277 to Manila and will move passengers booked on that flight to flight BR261 in the evening.

Meanwhile, all three Philippine airline carriers to Taipei and Kaohsiung announced the cancellation of flights in support with yhe governement's decision of travel ban.


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