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4 recovered patients in Taiwan considered positive again with COVID-19

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) advisor Chang Shan-chwen confirmed on Tuesday (May 5), that the country has four recovered coronavirus patients who tested positive again for the disease.

In a daily press briefing, Chang was asked how many COVID-19 patients had tested positive again after being discharged and if they were still infectious and could spread the disease.

Chang then, revealed that out of Taiwan's 438 confirmed COVID-19 cases,  four patients who were first discharged and tested negative for the disease three times returned to the hospital after exhibiting  symptoms again.

The test results of the four patients sometimes turn positive and sometimes negative but doctors  considered them already as COVID-19 patients and isolated them and treated them again, Chang added.

However, Chang clarified that these patients were no longer contagious and people should not be worried of getting infected by these individuals.

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