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922 companies in Taiwan puts a total of 18,840 workers to unpaid leave

922 companies across Taiwan had employees on unpaid leave or forced leave due to the impact of COVID-19 to the economy with smaller companies tends for temporary closure, CNA reported.

18,840 workers under 922 companies were on unpaid leave at the end of the month (April) according to data from Ministry of Labor (MOL).

Manufacturing sector had 6,501 workers on unpaid leave over the past week, the most of any sector, the hospitality sector came second with 4,304 employees on temporary leave, followed by the retail/wholesale sector with 3,645 and the supportive services sector with 1,332, data from MOL statistics.

Larger companies have been less likely to put employees on temporary leave because of subsidies received from the government, according to MOL.

Businesses or companies granted with government subsidies are not allowed to lay off workers or cut their work hours which under Taiwan’s economic bailout program.


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