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Adultery in Taiwan no longer a criminal offense

Constitutional Court Chief Justice Hsu Tzong-li declared on Friday (May 29), adultery in Taiwan will no longer count as a criminal offense as it was believed to be harmless to social welfare by the court. 

Judicial Yuan Secretary-General Lin Hui-huang said, Hsu and the Constitutional court have found that the laws that punish adultery violate the privacy of individuals and their right to make their own decisions.

Fifteen (15) Grand Justices have heard arguments in the case and scrutinized the provisions in the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure that eventually led to a court's decision, Interpretation No. 791.

In Interpretation No. 791, the court invalidated the laws that punish adultery as a criminal offense, effective from the release of the interpretation on Friday.

According to Lin, the Grand Justices believed that adultery as a criminal offense played a limited role in maintaining marriage relations or the system of marriage. It could also give a negative impact between married people.

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