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Famous vlogger Nas Daily called Taiwan as a "coronavirus hero"

Screenshot from Nas Daily Vlog

Video blogger Nuseir Yassin or popularly known as NAS Daily featured Taiwan on his weekly vlog calling the country as a "hero" for successfully flattening the curve of its coronavirus cases entirely by itself.

In the video, Nas has showed how impressed he is with Taiwan's immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic despite of its proximity to China, the origin of the disease, and without the help of other countries.

Nas added that Taiwan's stable condition amid the pandemic is impressive but not surprising because it was one of the first countries to ban flights from Wuhan, test  people for the disease, and take COVID-19 seriously.

While other nations are restricting people from going outdoors, Taiwan has managed not to implement lockdown where shops, schools, and economy remained open. Even sports event were pushed through, said Nas.

Without being recognized as a country by other people and even by the World Health Organization because of politics, Taiwan succeeded from beating COVID-19 and even sent 17 million masks as a help to other nations such as in Philippines, Europe, Japan, and Fiji, the video showed.

In the end of his vlog, Nas asserted that now is the time for everyone to acknowledge and look at Taiwan as a hero with its amazing actions in this pandemic.

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