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"Free Sim Cards" for migrant workers in Taiwan become criminal tool used for fraud and scam

With the increasing number of foreign workers in Taiwan, “Sim Card For Foreign Workers" become criminal tools. They are use the big sources for fraud organization to obtain dummy telephone number.

Some illegal telecommunication dealer will work as a salesman that visits foreign workers common gathering place to collect foreign workers personal identity cards, forging the signature to complete the phone number application form.

These fraud organizations defrauded foreign workers' identity documents such as passports, ARC cards by providing free SIM card at foreign workers gathering spots during holiday weekends.

Afterwards, they asked the migrant workers to sign unidentified document which have no bilingual version as a tool to commit a fraud.

A migrant worker from Vietnam has been sued for 24 fraud cases. When your name was used illegally, you will be investigated and will appear in the court by the police.

Authorities remind migrant workers not to hand out your passport, ARC to other people, and don't post your passport, ARC at your LINE or Facebook since it would be easily misused by scammers.


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