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No payment, No OEC: OFWs mandated to pay PhilHealth premiums before issuance of OEC

One of the requirements of the Universal Health Care Law states that Overseas Filipino Workers headed to and leaving from the Philippines are mandated to pay for their PhilHealth premiums before the issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).

An OEC is a document issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) to a Filipino worker before he or she is allowed to work abroad. OFWs also required to pay up their missed PhilHealth dues.

The OEC has long been a requirement that immigration officials seek before Filipinos are given clearance to fly to the countries where they work.

“The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) shall ensure that land-based overseas Filipino workers, whether new hires or returning (balik manggagawa), pay their PhilHealth premiums prior to issuance of the Overseas Employment Cet1ificate (OEC),” according to section 10.2.c of the Universal Health Care act.

PhilHealth officials said it already has accredited collecting agencies abroad, where OFWs could pay their premiums. They are now in the process of putting up satellite offices abroad, to make PhilHealth premium payments more convenient.

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