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OFWs earning P60,000 per month must pay P21,000 to PhilHealth this year

The Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) reiterates the increased of premium payments to OFWs. Under PhilHealth Circular 2020-0014 dated April 02, 2020, it mandates OFWs whose monthly income ranges from P10,000 to P60,000 to pay 3.0%.

Check below amount that OFW must pay to PhilHealth based on monthly salary, the higher the salary the higher the premium payment (amount on the left converted into Peso):

OFWs earning P10,000 must pay P3,600

OFWs earning P25,000 must pay P9,000

OFWs earning P40,000 must pay P14,400

OFWs earning P60,000 must pay P21,000

Who are covered by the recent PhilHealth circular?

•Land-based OFWs

•Seafarers and other sea-based workers

•Filipinos with dual citizenship (RA 9225)

•Filipinos living abroad

•Overseas Filipinos in distress

•Other overseas Filipinos not previously classified elsewhere

Under the new rules, the premium rate for OFWs was also changed from an annual fixed rate of P2,400 salary-based rate to a salary-based rate.

By 2021, the minimum stays the same, but the ceiling increases to Php70,000. It gradually increases by P10,000 each per year till the maximum of Php100,000 is reached by 2024 and 2025.


  1. My Thoughts Re The RA11223 a.k.a The Universal Health Care Act. This is actually a good program of the government with good intentions. However, there are several things that they’ve failed to reconsidered.

    OFWs Expenses deducted from their Basic Salary and/or Lump Sum Salary.

    👉🏾Electricity & Water Bills
    👉🏾Air Flight Tickets

    👉🏾SSS - Monthly
    👉🏾Pag-IBIG 1 - Yearly
    👉🏾Pag-IBIG MP2 - Monthly
    👉🏾CDP - several times a year
    👉🏾PRC - every 3 yrs
    👉🏾Passport - every 5yrs
    👉🏾OWWA - Yearly
    👉🏾Driver's License - every 3yrs or 5yrs

    👉🏾The hardwoking OFWs do still have other Payments to make for their insurances like: St. Peter,

    👉🏾PhilHealth - Yearly
    Before: Php2,400
    Now: 3% from Basic Monthly Salary

    in the Philippines, Half % of 3% Philhealth Payment of Employees is being paid by their Employer.

    Abroad, Full 3% PhilHealth Payment is to be paid by an OFW alone. These OFWs are sending Financial Support to their Family with either 4 to 6 Members in the Philippines for their Monthly Allowance. These OFWs do also have Expenses Abroad (Read Up) and these OFWs do also have Personal Expenses (read above).

    So, what else left for these OFWs' Salary?

    We Hope Congress will REVIEW and AMEND
    this newly approved law RA11223 and its IRR.

    Since the Universal Health Care Act
    is already a law, at least several considerations has to be made.

    1️⃣Instead of 3%, let OFWs pay only HALF of the 3% from their NET Income, NOT from their Basic Gross Income.
    2️⃣Dismantle Philhealth as prerequisite before issuing of OEC.
    3️⃣Remove the 1.5% Interest Penalty for missed payment per month

    LASTLY, we understand that the Philippines
    needs more FUNDS to sustain and improve
    the Universal Health Care System.

    But here's the thing, instead of sucking
    from its Citizens. I definitely agree that
    it is high time now for the Philippines,
    to OPEN its ECONOMY towards #OpenFDI
    or #ForeignInvestments by REMOVING
    All Economic Restrictions in the Constitution
    or Simply DELETE Article XII.

    This process of amending the current
    1987 Constitution needs #ConstitutionalReform

    Filipinos must realized that Foreign Investors
    Will NOT invade our Country NOR make us Alipin.

    Do NOT be misled by those people who are against,
    simply because they do NOT want to dismantle
    the current Status Quo - current Economic System
    that they are currently benefiting with.

    Allowing the influx of Foreign Investors
    will TRANSFORM our Country into
    a First World Country.

    Let's remember that More Foreign Investments
    will bring so much opportunities for the Filipinos.

    ✔️More Jobs for the Filipinos,
    ✔️More Incomes for the Filipinos;
    ✔️More Revenues for the Government; &,
    ✔️More Funds for the Government.

    👊🏾So, MORE FUNDS for our Government,
    to be used on its Projects, like e.g. #PhilHealth
    its Universal Health Care System instead
    of making the #FilipinoPeopleGatasan,
    particularly the #OFWGinagatasan.

    👊🏾and, MORE FUNDS for our Government,
    to be used to FUND Projects to develop
    its Basic Institution, the funding of its
    Infrastructure Projects, Military Forces,
    Police Force, to fund it is Salary Increase
    project for all Government Employees
    including improving their Benefits,

    Filipinos, let's #CoRRECTtheConstitution NOW!
    So we can #CoRRECTtheSYSTEM
    and we can #CoRRECTtheGOVERNMENT

    To Install a better Economic System

    To Install a better Political System

    For the Philippines and for us Filipinos.


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  3. Ang kakapal ng muka nyo ano to holdap sa OFW? Lupet nyo wala na kayo maisipan kotongan kaya mga ofw nmn ang paparusahan nyo sa gagawin nyong legal na pang hoholdap sa amin mga kurap talaga kayo salot kayo sa lipunan. Malaki na nga ang charges sa remittance namin monthly tapos hoholdapin nyo pa kami. Nakarinig lang kayo ng dolyar akala nyo mayaman na agad ofw kaya gusto nanaman ninyo kurakutin. Maging kami sobra din nahihirapan sa bansang pinag ttrabahuan namin pero hindi makahingi ng ayuda ang pamilya namin sa inyo na nasa pinas na apektado din ng kahirapan ngayon dahil ang katuwiran nyo may kamag anak silang OFW. Ang kakapal nyo ah!!!! Kakadagdag stress kayo!!!!!

  4. Ang kakapal ng mukha niyo hirap na hirap kami sa aming trabaho dito sa abroad tapos makasingil kau ng ganyan kalaki.kulang na kulang nga sahod namin ultimo sa sarili namin nd na kmi maka bili dahil sa pagtitipad pag babudget tapos singil niyo kmi ng ganyan kalaki everymonth sumasakit ulo namin kong paano pagkasyahin ung sahod namin kinakaltasan din kami dito.buti sana kong yan pilheath na babayaran namin makinabangan namin hindi e kc nasa abroad kmi buti sana kong magagamit ng pamilya namin kong magkakasakit cla kaso hindi rin buti pa nga sa ibang bansa maganda pa insurance namin dito hindi katulad jan sa pinas pati mga ofw hohothotan niyo pa kayo kaya magtrabaho dito ng matikman niyo ang hirap.


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