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People should NOT be eating shabu-shabu or hot pot more than “once or twice a month”

People shouldn't even be eating it more than "once or twice a month", especially if we tend to make poor choices with regard to the soup and ingredients, according to Singapore's Mount Alvernia Hospital.

The Singaporean hospital shared an info-graphic showing how much sodium there is in our favorite broths. We all know what can too much sodium can do our health, health experts only recommends daily allowance of salt is about 2,000mg a day.

Spicy hotpot broth has the least amount with 2,800mg worth of sodium per 100ml, while Bak Kut Teh broths had a horrifying 12,800mg of salt per 100ml.

Spicy broths like ma la can be high in saturated fat as well due to the layer of oil, and broths like laksa would contain coconut milk.

Processed food such as fishballs, meatballs, luncheon meat and sausages are some poor choice of ingredients that are high in calories, pork belly is also high in calorie content.

Health experts advised to begin with vegetables, and choose lean meat such as fish and chicken. Avoid instant noodles and opt for healthier carbs such as brown rice and sweet potato noodles.

You may opt for more natural sauce like minced garlic, spring onions, soy sauce and vinegar help to lift the flavours of your meal.

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