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Pinoy teenagers ranked 2nd in the world for being physically inactive among youths in 146 countries

Filipino youths had an overall “physical inactivity prevalence” of 93.4% which the percentage ranked 2nd among youths from 146 countries worldwide with 1.6 million teens are surveyed for the study.

There are several reasons for being physically inactive according to Dr. Regina Guthold, lead author of the study at World Health Organization.

“It’s not the individuals (who) are to be blamed. It’s more often society, the environment that makes them— forces them almost—to be inactive,” said Guthold.

Increasing mobile phone use is one, while others include the absence of public places where citizens can be active. These include parks, sidewalks, green spaces, cycling paths, and other sporting facilities.

“Strong political leadership to raise awareness that this is an issue—to know their impact on health. We need to improve the education sector—to integrate physical activity [in classes], the transport sector, (and) urban planning to create spaces safe for physical activity. If we do that, it contributes to other goals like reducing pollution,” she added.

Topping the list is South Korea with a rate of 94.2%, a 0.8% difference from the Philippines

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