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Proposed house bill limits barangay population in PH to only 15,000 for quick COVID-19 response

A house bill limiting the population of every barangay in the country to 15,000 has been filed last Tuesday (May 5) by Surigao Del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers to quicken emergency response during the pandemic.

Through House Bill (HB) No.6686, Barber seek an amendment that will limit the population of barangays in all urban areas of the country as certified by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

The representative believes that  if barangays in urban areas will only have 15,000 population, the government would be able to carry out orderly governance and fast and efficient services.

"This measure will bring great relief to both the local governments and the people, particularly in the management of people and resources during a natural or man-made calamities, including times of pandemic like the COVID-19," said the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs chairman, Wednesday (May 6).

Barber added that if a barangay exceeds 15,000 in population, remaining inhabitants will be reapportioned to create a new barangay. He also explained that the delay of implementation of the social amelioration benefits and failure to maintain piece and order amid the pandemic is because of the growing population of the country and inhabitants in each barangay.


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