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Taiwan government partnering with nVIDIA Corp to provide software for COVID-19 research

National Applied Research Laboratories (NARL) announced that it is partnering with graphics chipmaker Nvidia Corporation to provide a free 90-day license for Nvidia Parabricks software to enhance research of COVID-19.

What is nVIDIA Parabricks?

Parabricks mainly used for medical research, it is a software suite for performing secondary analysis of next-generation DNA data. The technology, designed to deliver fast results at low cost, can speed up the process of analyzing genomes from days to under an hour.

NARL’s National Center for High-Performance Computing researchers can apply to use the genome analysis tool through the Taiwan Computing Cloud artificial intelligence platform.

The software help medical professionals understand patients at a genetic level and might accelerate the development of a vaccine against COVID-19.

NARL said that Parabricks uses the graphics card in a PC to facilitate up to 50 times faster analysis of gene sequence data and can enhance Taiwan’s ability to fight the novel coronavirus, reported by Taipei Times.


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