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Taiwan-made multitasking robot “Ayuda” joins the fight over COVID-19 pandemic

Taiwan now getting the world's attention for its class measure over COVID-19 and now Syscom Group innovate robot called “Ayuda” that adds more features and is completely made in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Syscom Group improved its robots by enabling them to measure body temperatures and remind people to put on a mask if its scanners detect a person without wearing one.

The robot’s temperature scanners will sound the alarm when hospital visitors or employees with a fever (above 37.5 degrees Celcius) pass by.

The intelligent robot Ayuda is made in Taiwan and has functions such as indoor navigation, face recognition, voice dialogue, ticket printing, remote control, video conferencing, working as a tour guide and other functions.

Ayuda has been exported to the Japanese market, and the demonstration function of the guided tour was conducted at Fujisawa City Hall in Kanagawa Prefecture in January, which was well received by the Japanese people.


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