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Taiwan recorded 3,553 same sex marriage in its almost one year of approval with 188 divorces

Taiwan recorded a total of 3,553 same sex marriage in almost one year since the approval of legalizing it according to data announce by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the country, CNA reported.

Of the 3,553 same-sex marriages registered in Taiwan, 1,122 were male couples and 2,431 were female couples. New Taipei has the most number of same sex marriage in Taiwan with 722.

Taipei came in second with 582 gay couples in the city registering their marriages, ahead of Kaohsiung City with 473, Taichung 423, Taoyuan 347, Tainan 234. Pingtung with 110 gay couples, followed by Hsinchu City with 85, Hsinchu County and Hualien County with 84 each, the data showed.

Out of the marriage, MOI also tallied a total of 188 divorces of same-sex couples were registered: 114 female couples and 74 male couples as of the end of March.

The Legislative Yuan passed the same-sex marriage bill on May 2019, and the law went into effect on May 24 in the same year, making Taiwan the first country in Asia to legalize gay marriages.


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