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Taiwan to export surgical mask manufacturing machines amid surging demands

Taiwan will export its surgical mask manufacturing machines by the second half of the year with the demands are growing to obtain same kind of machines.

Taiwan through public-private cooperation, it has 92 total production line for manufacturing 13million mask per day and set to grow to 15 million piece per day. The surgical mask manufacturing is on the Taiwan’s quick response amid pandemic.

The feat has placed Taiwan’s prowess in manufacturing and medical technologies in the spotlight and drawn the attention of many countries, CNA reported.

Companies from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Malaysia have expressed interest in procuring mask machinery from Taiwan. Taiwanese mask-making professionals are also invited globally to provide expertise overseas.

It’s time the industry players were allowed to do business and make profits by exporting relevant expertise and technologies according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.


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