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Taiwan's success in pandemic relied on citizen's self-discipline and complying with govt policies

As many nations struggle to keep COVID-19 infection numbers down through increasingly tough public health measures, Taiwan early actions and its self-disciplined citizens is currently successful over COVID-19.

Taiwan's success in pandemic prevention largely relied on every citizen's self-discipline and willingness to comply with government policies. 

People of Taiwan would comprehend the gravity of the situation and look out for one another during the battle against the new coronavirus pandemic.

This crisis highlights the importance of maintaining trust as a decisive factor in winning the battle against the pandemic. 

Instead of just focusing on understanding the biological aspect of how to defeat the pathogen, social measures should be given equal attention to bring about the often-quoted “flattening of the curve” before effective medicines and vaccines could be produced.

Social measures being implemented in most countries consisting of social distancing at the individual level which include staying at home, avoiding mass gatherings, protecting vulnerable groups, require personal self-discipline.

Taiwan governement's early action on travel restrictions, contact tracing, and health screening at airports were all unrolled quickly to secure the country as citizens follow certain policies.

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