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Taiwan to offer higher internet speed with its world's cheapest 5G plan

Taiwan will soon introduce the cheapest 5G unlimited data plan in the world sometime during the second half of the year 2020, according to Taiwanese communications service providers.

The providers said, the 5G unlimited service may cost around NT$1,399 (US$47) every month, a way higher compared to the NT$599 (US$20) and NT$699 4G plans.

 However, the providers emphasized that Taiwan would spearhead the 5G competition as it will offer the cheapest 5G rate plans for unlimited data worldwide.

The only thing that the providers worry is the possibility that people may be hesitant to avail a more expensive 5G plan as they already have one of the cheapest 4G service in the world offered by Taiwan.

Meanwhile, analysis from Digital Research showed that four major U.S. telecoms are also planning to provide 5G plans from US$60 to US$90. Japan will also offer the same plan priced at US$80 while US$ 65 for Korea.

The Taiwanese service providers said that the 5G network will guarantee a faster internet and will allow subscribers to experience real-world games streaming that combines elements of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), CNA reported.

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