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2 Pinoy student passes entrance exam in Harvard and Columbia University

A two scholarship from the international school Manila who passed the entrance exam in Harvard University and Columbia University in United States of America.

Romnick Blanco, he is a son of farmer in Bulacan, who received full scholar in Harvard University together with free tuition, and free accommodation in Boston, free plane tickets, and it has Wardrobe allowance.

According to GMA NEWS, Romnick has a 7 more siblings and he is a hardworking student, he is walking for almost 2 hours just  to attend class in Sierra, Madre, Bulacan.

On the other hand, Jessica Cuadro, child of a policeman who receive a full scholarship from Columbia University in New York and there are 13 more student who graduated in ISM this year and received invitation in Ivy League School in U.S.A.


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