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26-year-old Pinoy builds own gasoline station after working as seaman

In just a span of six years, a 26-year-old Filipino was able to establish his own gasoline station as his business after working as a seaman driven with determination and discipline.

According to John Ebreo from Sariaya, Quezon who works as a cook in a ship, it was really hard to save money when you are a seaman because of the necessary training and requirements that need to be accomplished especially during vacation.

With this, he became very eager to have something to invest with to boost his income even during his vacation, until he thought of building his own gasoline station with the help of his parents who sold their car last April 2020 to help him with the construction expenses.

Ebreo promised his father to give him a car on his 60th birthday in 2022 as an exchange for helping him in building the gasoline station. However, this would not happen anymore because just this 2020, he was able to buy his father a new car.

The seaman shared, it is very hard to be away from the family just to earn money. That is why he has to make the most out of it and use the opportunity to grow his savings and invest in business.


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